Qnexa Diet Pill Negative effects – It is possible to Risk

24 May

Curious to know if there are any Qnexa diet pill negative effects? The fact is, for a long time now huge numbers of people have considered this process for a quick weight loss solution. What is appealing about this type of dieting method is it supposedly gives users faster results than moving away from the couch and researching healthy eating.

However, something has happened in the last year or so… diet pills aren’t proving to be a lot of that “miracle” they once claimed to be. Why? Let us take Qnexa for example:

So far Qnexa isn’t 100% safe.

The FDA (Fda accountable for protecting and promoting dietary supplements, prescription and over-the-counter prescription drugs [medications]) has not been able to reach a consensus that Qnexa is able to go on the marketplace. You will find a lot of health risks and possible negative effects, and until Vivus (its creator) can reformulate the pill to make sure its safety, Qnexa won’t be released.

Here are just some of the reported Qnexa diet pill negative effects:

birth defects
impaired memory
liver problems
kidney stones

Sounds like you may want to steer clear of this one for the time being.

qnexa weight loss

And Qnexa is not the only product that has been scrutinized. Several others for example “Xenical” and “Alli” (considered to become Qnexa’s biggest competition) also come with a listing of similar possible side effects. Don’t forget our prime costs AND the fact that taking them won’t ever teach you proper dieting techniques that will work for the long-term.

It still blows me off to believe that a lot of people will use such extremes. Why even place yourself in a situation to experience something like Qnexa diet pill side effects when there are ways to fight putting on weight and obesity which are proven to be a lot more effective and come with ZERO risk, 110% guarantee.

So what CAN you need to do to achieve weight loss without a weight loss supplement?


First of all, if you’re overweight, as well as just 5-10 pounds above your goal weight then you need to know that losing weight can be done. You’ve seen some of the people incredible transformations on television. You’ve watched “The Biggest Loser”, “The last 10 Pounds Boot Camp”, “You Are That which you Eat”, and the list goes on…

Now, let me ask you this: Do any of those programs prescribe diet pills? A BIG FAT NO!

Exactly what do they each share? 3 key things:

qnexa weight loss

Exercise & Fitness coaches
Health & Diet experts
Motivational help

These 3 components are without failure going to be your guide to getting you back your ideal weight. I’ve helped hundreds of quickly time to shed weight, along with my own fight with obesity, and that i realize that my solution will beat those of any diet pill. I can’t stress the importance of steering clear of drugs and diet pills like Qnexa that the) put you at risk of negative effects, b) are expensive and not going to help your overall health.